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POSSIBLE is the gateway to the digital world of data spaces


POSSIBLE – sovereign data sharing
Strong data ecosystem thanks to trustworthy infrastructure

Data spaces enable the sovereign exchange of data and data-based services. They define rules for provision and use, create a shared infrastructure and thus increase trust, remove barriers and simplify the development of data economies. POSSIBLE deals with the concept of data spaces. The project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, aims to develop an innovative and user-friendly data ecosystem in order to make a wide variety of data spaces easily accessible to users and enable them to handle their data and data-based services in a sovereign and self-determined manner – even across sector boundaries.

POSSIBLE – simply digital actions
Education, SMEs and public-services:

In our lives, everyone maintains contact with many institutions, e.g. schools, companies, authorities, which are increasingly connected digitally. Processes of all kinds are handled decentrally in the respective institutions. However, many important documents and data are distributed in different data rooms, making them difficult to access and use. With the project POSSIBLE, the consortium is developing a way to counteract this problem and simplify collaboration and working with data.
In the project, this is exemplified for the sectors: Education, companies (with a focus on SMEs) and public-services. The respective use cases represent concrete application examples in the individual sectors and enable simple, comprehensive and sovereign digital acting through the adaptation of smart services (AI applications)!

Benefit from the advantages of data space technology

The POSSIBLE research project is one of 11 funded projects supported by the GAIA-X Hub Germany. POSSIBLE contributes to the Gaia-X digital ecosystem and visualizes how innovative and practical applications and data spaces can serve as best practices and solutions to inspire and practically support the development and establishment of new data-based business ideas in Germany and Europe.
The POSSIBLE research project is participating in the European Gaia-X project and thus in the development of a networked and secure European data infrastructure as the basis for a digital ecosystem that shares and uses data and services in a decentralized, federated and standardized manner as in a secure and trustworthy way. GAIA-X is based on the European values of openness, transparency and trust. This means that every GAIA-X project meets the highest standards of digital sovereignty.

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The foundations for an educational data room are being laid in this domain. This is supplemented by smart services. The use cases are based on stakeholder management and technical foundations. User-oriented development and acceptance in pilot municipalities are emphasized. The “learning recommendation” use case, for example, is a recommender service that can identify specific learning needs on the basis of standardized skills and learning content profiles. A synergy with the MERLOT funding project is also being sought for the data room.


The SME use case “Self-sovereign data exchange using Nextcloud via the POSSIBLE data room” illustrates the challenges that small and medium-sized enterprises face when exchanging data with external partners. At the same time, a solution is proposed that enables these companies to control and protect their data independently. By integrating Nextcloud with other data room components of the POSSIBLE platform, a secure exchange of data is made possible. Particular attention is paid to giving users complete control over who can access their data and how their information is used. In addition, strict data policies are applied to ensure privacy, security and control over their own sensitive data.


The introduction of interoperable messenger services in public-services is an important step towards simplifying communication between authorities. By using standardized protocols and interfaces, different messenger platforms can be connected with each other so that authorities can easily communicate with each other and with citizens regardless of the software they use. This facilitates the exchange of information, speeds up decision-making processes and helps to reduce bureaucratic hurdles.

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The research project
POSSIBLE at a glance.

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A collaboration of seven experienced partners from business, science and IT.


Enabling the digital world of data spaces

In a project alliance of seven strong partners, POSSIBLE is developing a way to make various data spaces easily and securely accessible to users. The aim is not only to build a technically functional data space in GAIA-X, but also to create a common ecosystem of users and providers from different sectors, taking into account the European data strategy.

In order to achieve this, the respective expertise from the focus areas of all partners is used. They represent the areas of operational management, architecture and development as well as the development of the individual domains and associated use cases and smart services, thus enabling the creation of a holistic data space.

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